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Replace paper exams with fully automated computer-based testing!
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19 May 2012

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Save time and trouble creating, running and grading a complex test or exam by using Adit Testdesk. A comprehensive suite of tools enables you to build tests or exams of any type and complexity, run them and analyze the results quickly.

Pros: Educational/training institutes and certification agencies spend a lot of time designing tests for the courses they conduct. It usually is a complex task and needs a lot of time to be spent on them. Running a computerized test has to take into account security issues and then finally grading these tests is yet another time consuming task.

Adit Testdesk Editor lets the user create a test. Beside a text editor interface there is a set of tools to create profiles of testing candidates, type of question paper etc. The menus and icons are arranged quite logically. There’s a choice of creating one of about 14 different types of test; starting from simple true/false type or multiple choice to sophisticated ones like hotspot based answer or creating a circle, rectangle etc around graphical test data. Test can be created where each candidate gets a randomly created different set. Time allowed for answer, feedback messages for correct and wrong answers are also designed from this interface. Hints, supplementary audio, video or stills or links can be designed in.

Adit Testdesk tester actually runs the test and has a simple interface. No candidate taking the test is able to modify test data. Test data is completely protected against unauthorized access. Test results are protected by industry standard encryption. Besides complex access rights can be set up as a further hurdle to access and tampering.

Adit Testdesk Reporter collects the test results and creates reports for review by the testing authorities.

Cons: The whole application is fairly complex, but then the functionality attempted also is complex. How robust the application is or if it runs smoothly and fast enough are some issues that can come out only in actual use scenarios. It is difficult to asses these issues in a stand alone situation.

Overall the package is definitely at a 4 star level.

Publisher's description

Retire paper-based tests and exams! Adit Testdesk makes it easy to scrap paper exams in favor of computer-based testing by automating the entire process. From designing the exam to grading the results, Adit Testdesk is a perfect solution to your testing needs. Dozens of question types are supported for various types of tests including exams, quizzes, and surveys.
Move straight to XXI century with Adit Testdesk easily! The latest release looks and feels like Microsoft Office 2007, allowing you to transfer your skills to the new product without having to learn new tricks. Anyone familiar with Microsoft Word 2007, Excel 2007, or any other Office application will be able to start using Adit Testdesk in just minutes.
Your students will see questions that look similar to common paper-based forms such as multiple choice, draw-and-connect, fill-in-the-blank and other familiar types of questions. Video, audio and Flash-based multimedia types of questions are new for computer-based tests created with Adit Testdesk. Even essays and spoken replies are supported! Design your tests and exams the way you need them to be. Add a logotype, use your own fonts and background images to make your exams look like your organization's other stationery.
Forget the paper! Adit Testdesk helps you design, run and assess exams on a computer. Adit Testdesk grades most question types completely automatically, allowing you to save time on grading. Customized reports are available for presenting the results to the students.
With Adit Testdesk, you can build self-contained tests that can be run on any PC, with or without Adit Testdesk installed. Build, run and assess tests of any complexity from customer satisfaction surveys to scientific exams and hi-tech certification tests.
Adit Testdesk
Adit Testdesk
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